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Undergrad Real Analysis video course from Harvey Mudd College

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    There is a Harvey Mudd College first semester real analysis course posted at http://www.youtube.com/user/Learnstream, based on the classic text Principles of Mathematical Analysis (Baby Rudin), by Walter Rudin. Professor Francis Su, who delivers these lectures, does a great job helping to tie this difficult book together with intuitive geometric and topological arguments in the first 15 or so lectures I have watched so far (there are 23, with a few more coming).

    The topics are roughly:
    - Construction of the Rational Numbers
    - Construction of the Real Numbers via Dedekind Cuts
    - The Real and Complex Fields
    - Induction and Well-Ordering
    - Cardinality
    - Metric Spaces and Their Topology
    - Compact Sets and Spaces
    - The Cantor Set and Connected Sets and Spaces
    - Sequences
    - Completeness
    - Series
    - Continuity and Uniform Continuity
    - Differentiation and the Mean-Value Theorem

    There's still a few lectures left before the semester finishes, so the syllabus above isn't complete. Since the Learnstream project has gone to the trouble to post these outstanding lectures for the public, I think they'd appreciate appreciate seeing lots of people using their work.

    PF Mentors, Advisors, and Homework Helpers, I think this would be a useful resource for the Calculus & Beyond Learning Materials forum, so please place the thread there if you agree.
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    This is a great link - it should definitely be in the Learning Materials forum with the rest of the video links.
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