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Uniform motion earth's orbit question.

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    the question: What is the acceleration due to gravity of the sun at the distance of earth's orbit?

    before i attempt this problem, can someone help me identify the given information that i may need that is not given in the question, maybe gravity (9.8) or where to use it.

    i believe i may need this formula (2pie*r)/T

    also may need to find rpm's and convert to rev's, in order to get velocity, and then use the velocity in a formula to get the acceleration. I think thats the approach i may need, its just the information isn't available in the question.

    this was from memory. maybe some typos.

    thankyou for any help.
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    You need the law of universal gravitation and Newton's second law, and the values of a few contants (masses, distance, G) and that is all.
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