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Updating your BIOS and motherboard drivers

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    I downloaded the latest BIOS and driver updates for my motherboard and I can't figure out how to install them. They aren't applications or executable files.

    How do I go about installing them?

    Is there any performance boost from updating your BIOS/motherboard drivers?
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    If the drivers aren't executables, they should be .INF files that you can use with device manager to update the driver. I'm not sure how you're supposed to update the BIOS without an executable. On older systems, a jumper could be used to update the BIOS from a floppy drive, but new motherboards don't support floppy drives.

    There should be executable versions for chipset drivers and BIOS updates at the same site you downloaded the other drivers for your motherboard from.

    You didn't mention what motherboard you have.
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    typically bios updates do not affect performance boost. Unless you are a hardcore overclocker that require specific settings (PLL voltage options for example) otherwise you won't really notice any differences.

    most common reason to update motherboard bios is when you bought a new CPU released by the manufacturer after the motherboard is manufactured. Then the motherboard manufacturer will likely have to release a bios update to ensure compatibility of the new CPU, assuming the sockets match.

    back to your question of updating bios, newer motherboards may have UEFI which is basically a GUI bios, updating bios using those shouldn't be too difficult.

    For older motherboards you probably need a 3.5inch, some may support USB, they should be reasonably well explained in your motherboard manuals
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    I have an MSI Big Bang X58 mobo

    I downloaded the latest BIOS/drivers for it off the official website, but the file isn't an executable or application.
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    I checked the web site. You specify which OS you use (windows 7, vista, xp, 32 bit, 64 bit, ...) then you download a zip file. You should be able to open the zip file just like a folder. Then you can copy the files to a temp folder. The files inside the folder include setup.exe, which you run to install a driver or to update the BIOS.
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