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URL management (like Diigo and Scrible)?

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    URL management (like Diigo and Scrible)??

    Hi, I'm looking for a smart management software so I can manage all my bookmarks and highlight on websites.

    The problem:
    The problem with Diigo and Scrible is that there is a storage maximum and prices change, so I can't pay any more I loose all my bookmark data. A better solution (which I'm looking fore) would be if there is a software that allows you to save it on your own computer instead of on Cloud services.
    Does that exist?
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    I use Instapaper (along with Read Later browser add-on). Instapaper stores my bookmarks on its servers, and I can organize them in folders and post comments about them. Read Later quickly adds the current page I am browsing to Instapaper.
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    Instapaper is private (at least, by default) and free.
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