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US borrows Singaporean mathemics books for kids study

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    That I read on CNN
    It's weird to see that though

    Between Singapore and Japan or Korea which one is better, I mean also the common sense ?
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    It depends on what you mean by "better". Here in Singapore the textbooks are fine. But it is not rigorous. All they do is giving bunches of examples and exercises, with no unify or general concepts properly written. But it suffices to teach students to have basic mathematical skills. If you are looking for more rigorous material, I prefer China's texts. But it is just my personal opinion.
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    I too find it fun to read the news, elephants being scared of ants attacks :ROFL: :tongue:
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    Please post a link to the CNN article. The only mention of this on the internet seems to be spam, verbatim, of what you posted.
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