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USB output characteristics / optocouplers

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    the table below represent output values of a device which is connected to USB port:
    (device used is USB-6501)


    Its first time I see such output values and thus I don't understand the following:
    - What is push-pull ?
    - Negative current means that I should supply the device with such value ?
    - Which output is most suitable for optocoupler which will drive MOSFETS ?

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    What table?

    They are two differential pairs with different DC voltages. It is not simple signal only, different DC signal different devices. The front end knows whether you hook up an USB1 that run at 1MHz or USB2 that is a lot faster. It is a lot more complicated, read the signal spec first. I don't think it can interface to a optocoupler or MOSFET and make it work that easily.
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    The picture hosting server is pretty bad I guess...

    In this document on page 17 there is Digital Output voltages and currents which I'm not sure how to read out.

    Thanks, Tom.
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