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Use of forces to escape the Earth

  1. Mar 10, 2017 #1
    If gravity is as we know a weak force and magnetism is a strong force, would it be possible to use electromagnetism to propel an object fast enough away from the earths surface to escape the pull of gravity and at least put an object in orbit. I assume you would need a long horizontal then curving into vertical trajectory. Has this ever been looked into?
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    Welcome to PF rodgergibbs. Theoretically you could use a rail gun to put an object into orbit from some solar system bodies. However, this isn't practical on earth. One big problem is the fact that orbital velocity is over 17,000 MPH which is well above mach one for a projectile being launched from the surface. Anything fired at that speed from the surface would likely burn up in the atmosphere. And, even if it didn't, it would create seriously loud sonic booms whenever it was launched.
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    Hello rodgergibbs, :welcome:
    You still have to overcome gravity ...
    And you bet it's been looked into ! Google electromagnetic railgun
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    We actually do that. All currently used propulsion systems are based on electromagnetic forces. Maybe you need to specify your question.
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