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    B Can it escape the event horizon if the wavelength is long enough?

    Can electromagnetic radiation escape from the event horizon of a Black Hole if the wavelength is long enough? What if a Black Hole contains electric charge, hypothetically supposing we dumped a large number of protons into it? Electric charge is mediated by the electromagnetic force. So the...
  2. S

    Additional Velocity Required for a Satellite Already in Orbit to Escape

    Homework Statement A satellite is orbiting the Earth around an orbit of radius R=2.5R0, where R0 is Earth's radius. What additional velocity is needs to be directed along the radius of the orbit so that satellite escapes Earth's gravity? Homework Equations Total Energy= K + U Conservation of...
  3. B

    Differential equations and escape velocities

    Homework Statement Good day all! I'm stumped on a question: If I fire a bullet straight up what will be the initial velocity such that the bullet doesn't come back down? I need to model a differential equation (it will be first order) some how! Also, Gravity is not constant, but rather, the...
  4. N

    Photon "escaping" from photon sphere in Schwarzchild space

    Homework Statement Close to a Schwarzchild black hole, a photon is emitted between r = 2(mu) and 3(mu), where \mu = \frac{GM}{c^2} . The photon is emitted at an angle (alpha) to the radial direction. At r = 2(mu), the highest angle that the photon can escape at is (alpha) = 0; at r = 3(mu)...
  5. D

    Escaping earth's atmosphere with a balloon

    Hi all, So my question is, could you use a weather balloon to assist with escaping the atmosphere and attaching a rocket to take it the rest of the way, and we're talking a really small payload obviously. Would the weight of the fuel/rocket weigh down the balloon enough to significantly...
  6. Zack Davis

    Escape Velocity and Gravitational Force

    Hey Guys! I've been doing a few equations in regards to planetary escape velocity and gravitational force. The below links have the escape velocity of listed planet on the left side of the board, the gravitational force between the Sun and given planet on the right side. In the middle of the...