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Use of steel powder in composites

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    How effective is using steel powder in a polymer/ceramic composite matrix?

    I am wondering this from observing this product called Faststeel which is one of those epoxy putty sticks that claims to be steel-reinforced.

    I actually think that it will make a material stronger than the matrix material alone, but are there quantitative comparisons on the mechanical properties?
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    You've any idea what size the particles are? Was thinking whether dispersion strengthening models might be usable in estimating the effect.
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    I thought about this question, but it slipped my mind.

    I don't necessarily see steel being advantages - it would depend on composition and cold-work - but there may be an advantage on toughness (i.e. fracture toughness/fracture resistance).
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    The only steel based composites I know (eg: boride cermets) use steel as the matrix.

    As often happens, it comes down to a longer and more detailed list of qualities than just "effectiveness".

    What kind of matrix do you have in mind and what is the application you intend for it?
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