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Fortran Useful and Extensive MPI tutorial/notes in FORTRAN

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am a new user of MPI in fortran ( i have used fortran for an adequate time ) and I want to make myself familiar with the subject. Has any one you stumbled upon a useful tutorial in MPI for fortran but simultaneously extensive ?

    Or maybe someone has used a textbook that turned out to be useful in that topic?
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    this is one the best i could find online, but still doesn't cover many examples. I will have to post process a quite huge N-Body simulation and i assume i need to go deeper into the subject ...
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    You mean, you already looked into the links at bottom of the Wikipedia entry, too?
    50-page pdf
    150-page pdf

    Then, there is also OpenMPI
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    Are you well versed in parallel computing?
    Using MPI should be the easy part if you are 'fluent' in fortran, the hard part is parallelizing your computation/algorithm.

    I'm not really aware of books focused on the MPI library.
    This one is written in C but also has the code in fortran 77

    For another approach I can recommend the book by Bisseling.
    It is mostly focused on the BSP-model which makes parallel programming quite easy even for me (I only had a course in C and some experience with simple monte carlo simulations before I started the book).
    An appendix also explains how you can program in the BSP style using MPI primitives.
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