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Using a DC source to generate a large magnetic field in a coil

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    I am a mechanical engineer and I'm working on a project in which I need to generate a large magnetic field in a coil of wire. The current system uses AC power (480V or 230V) and I am exploring the possibility of using a DC battery source.

    The coil is has an OD of 72mm, an ID of 62mm and a height of 12mm. I need to generate around 1050 Amp-turns. I am considering using a 12V 30Ah battery.

    I need help determining what components I need besides the battery. I need the electrical system to do two main things:
    - release the current to the coil for a specified amount of time (< 1sec.) (timed switch?)
    - reverse the direction of the current in order to change the polarity of the field (this could be a switch for each direction.

    I believe I would need to have some component to dissipate the power once it has traveled through the coil, like a resistor. I'm also curious if there is certain bounds I should keep the resistance and required current within (ei. would a configuration with a coil resistance of 0.2 Ohms and requiring 70A be no good)

    I appreciate any insight you can give me, let me know if something is unclear or other parameters are needed.
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