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Using a DVD/Blu-ray Changer for game disks

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    Has anyone tried, or heard of someone trying, to use a disk changer with their PC?

    I have seen several DVD/CD changers that can be used as a standard player on your television, but I haven't found anything about using one for games or media on a computer. I'm wondering if one can be configured as a standard external drive.
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    I wouldn't have thought they would have sata/IDE outputs, just video - so no

    You could just copy the disks as iso images onto a disk and then use a virtual disk mounter to make each one appear as a drive
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    lol, I could just copy them all to my HD, but I would like to do this without breaking the DRM. It isn't because there are no other ways to do this, but because this is how I would like to do this. I would like to be able to play DVDs, Games, and maybe Blu-ray from the changer without ever switching disks by hand.
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    200 disk blue-ray changer: http://www.engadget.com/2007/09/05/sony-intros-the-hes-v1000-media-server-and-200-disc-blu-ray-play/

    but it probably won't mount games, and other files, only video, music and possibly photos.

    Mounting .iso from an HD could do the job without any elaborate changers.
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    If you bought your games through Steam or some other online game download service, you could circumevent all of those pesky disks altogether. That's how I've bought games as of late, and it's really quite convenient as long as you have a good internet connection.

    For your current disks, well you're stuck doing it the "old fashioned" way...
  7. Jan 5, 2010 #6
    Yes, but as was mentioned, you're only stuck doing it once to rip the image. After that...

    With 2 TB drives starting at $150, it makes little sense to spend several hundred dollars on a bluray disk changer instead. A 2 TB drive will hold 40 bluray discs. Surely that's enough for your favorites! If you regularly play more than 40 different games that'll only fit on bluray, you may have some other issues which need attention!

    As for movies, I like the anticipation of swapping them in and out of the player! Same sort of feeling I used to get when I cleaned vinyl records and the needle before listening to a really stellar album.
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