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Using Induction for Wireless Apparatus'

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    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use induction to create and maintain a reference ground between two wireless apparatus'?

    For example:

    Code (Text):

    WA1                  WA2
    --                    --
    Distance between WA1 and WA2 is at most 14 metres and distance between either WA and GND has a range of

    ~.01 to ~.5 metres.

    WA1 and WA2 are moving rather constantly (not ALWAYS, however!) and fairly rapidly.
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    Not sure I'm understanding the question. How can you have a "reference ground" between two floating, disconnected devices? Seems like you'd need a wire... And why would you want such a "reference"?
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    Thanks to the wonders of MS Paint, I was able to make the situation a little more clear.

    Behold! The great art skills of the Wetmelon!


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    Maybe it is the Christmas spirit or something.

    Behold! The great art skills of the Wetmelon!

    That drawing doesn't look very skilful and it certainly doesn't explain what you are trying to do.
    Maybe wait until after Christmas and try again.
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