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Vaccines interfering with other genetic traits?

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    Hello. I working on a school project in which I will discuss non-traditional risks associated with immunization measures. I am looking for empirical evidence that shows that vaccines have in the past altered hereditary traits, such as eye/hair, color, etc. I know that such cases are rare, but I am very interested in studying the effect that the genetic mutations associated with immunizations can have on the human genome on the long term.

    Please do not refer me to autism, etc. Side effects of vaccines are important, but I am more concerned with the long term implications of the slight alterations immunizations make to our genetic code. Any documented cases of a vaccine interfering with unintended parts of the genome would be extremely helpful.

    I am in full support of vaccinations, I just am studying this for school. Thank you in advance.
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    I have never heard that immunization would introduce genetic mutations.

    Do you mean that the altered retroviral-particles in the vaccine would successfully be able to integrate in the human genome but not complete their life cycle?
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