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Vandergraph generators and hair

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    1. WHy does hair stand up when touching a vandergraph generator ,i know that negative charges repel other negative charges

    3. is it the fact the hairs are negatively charged so repel each other or is it the electrons releasing into the air
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    A similar experiment involves charging up two pieces of metal foil that are suspended adjacent to each other in a vacuum jar. When charged up with static electricity (both foils get an excess of electrons), the foil pieces repel each other. Why is that?
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    so it is not going in to the air and suggest highly of repusion because of negative because of electrons

    i still dont know , if i dont need it for homework or school i was just curious
    would still like to know
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    If electrons were being released into the air you would probably be able to see them as sparks. Yes, you are right--each strand of hair has an excess of electrons and the excess negative charge on every hair causes the hairs to repel one another! :)
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