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Vector calculus book recommendations

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    Hi, i have just finished self-studying spivak calculus and have thoroughtly enjoyed reading it and doing the problems.
    I am looking to find a book on vector calculus with similar rigor as that of spivak.
    Any recommendations?

    I have heard Hubbards book on vector calculus is not bad. Any comments?

    Thanks in advance.
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    How about Apostol, vol. 2?
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    Apostol+Courant+Differential forms by Weintraub
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    Thanks for replying.

    I think Apostol's book seems good; but it includes linear algebra, so i was wondering if there is any linear algebra requirements before reading it.

    As for courant's, its about 1000 pages which i find too long.

    Thannks anyway.
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    You might also consider Spivak's calculus on manifolds; that one is only about 150 pages!
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