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Velocity of sound in copper-nickel blend

  1. Dec 5, 2008 #1
    I'm trying to find the longitudal velocity of sound in a 65/35 copper nickel blend. If anyone has a chart/table/resource of some sort that would be awesome.

    If not I should be able to find this using the equation sqrt(youngs modulus/density) correct? If thats the case I can make some assumptions and a fairly close guess to the vos using the youngs modulus and density of the more popular 70/30 copper nickel alloy
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    Welcome to PF, Mx.
    Fred Garvin and Astronuc seem to be able to pull charts like that out of their butts on a moment's notice, so help is probably on its way. :biggrin:
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    Your equation, sqrt(E/rho), sounds right. The units come out right at least. Perhaps you would consider interpolating E values from some other alloys?

    You might be able to make a nice estimate with the values of E for Cu, Ni and 70/30.
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