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Vertical Component of this Picture?

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    A ball of mass 0.6 kg, initially at rest, is
    kicked directly toward a fence from a point
    20 m away, as shown below.
    The velocity of the ball as it leaves the
    kicker’s foot is 17 m/s at angle of 52◦
    the horizontal. The top of the fence is 7 m
    high. The ball hits nothing while in flight and
    air resistance is negligible.
    The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s

    What is the vertical component of the velocity
    when the ball reaches the plane of the fence?
    Answer in units of m/s

    I've tried -1.764


    Problem 20 using picture
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    You should show your working (preferably with algebraic variables and constants rather than actual numbers), so then we can see how to help.
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