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Vertical vs Horizontal takeoff (VTO vs HTO)

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    Supposedly taking off horizontally costs less and is more energy efficient than vertical takeoff.

    Aside from the issues of staging, and rocket vs. propeller, does anyone know why HTO is better than VTO?
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    Welcome to PF, David.
    In a vertical take-off, the engine has to supply all of the effort to fight gravity. When rolling, the wings provide the lift and the engine just has to provide lateral motion.
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    I just looked up some quick figures. A typical 747-400 has a maximum take-off weight of 875,000 lb; while the thrust it's engines produce is around 60,000 lb.

    So you see...
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    per engine!
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    and unless that thing has a dozen engines mounted god knows where, it's not going to VTO.
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