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B Vibrating strings, quark strings more complicated?

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    Do we know enough of string theory to say that because a quark is more complicated, in the sense that the quark experiences four forces verses three for the electron and two for a neutrino, that in terms of string vibrations quarks will have more complicated vibration patterns than electrons and neutrinos?

    Since quarks and electrons both have electric charge will the strings of quarks and electrons have vibration patterns with both similarities and differences, something will be the same and something will be different about the vibration patterns?

    Can we say which particle, gauge of otherwise, of the Standard Model most likely has the simplest vibration pattern?

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    I'm not a huge fan of the string hypothesis (since it has yet to make a testable prediction, I refuse to call it a theory) so I haven't studied it in depth, but it seems to me though that many particles could in fact be one and the same vibration pattern, just vibrating in a different direction. An electron could be the same pattern as a muon or a neutrino, just rotated in the eleven to twenty six hyperdimensional space that this "theory" posits. In fact, the simplest version would probably be one where all the fundamental particles are just the same pattern when rotated or maybe are even excitations of the same pattern.
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