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Video lectures for differential equations 2

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    I took diffeq 2 last semester and the book we used wasn't so great at explaining a lot of things. I was wondering if anyone knew of a video lecture series that parallels my book (Differential Equations 4th Ed. by Blanchard, Devaney, and Hall). Specifically I am having trouble with how to use series and linear algebra to find solutions for systems with complex eigenvalues and how those solutions behave graphically. Also, there is a bit about Frobenius' Method and a power series method for finding non-constant coefficients that I am having issues with.
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    I'm not aware of any video lectures, so can't recommend anything in this line. Also, I'm older, so when I was taking classes like these, the textbook was the main source, and there were no videos whatsoever. In any case, I would recommend getting another textbook for DE rather than searching (possibly in vain) for somebody's video.

    My first reaction to your post was thinking that maybe the book wasn't so bad, but you weren't able to extract information from it. After looking at a number of reviews on Amazon, it seems that quite a few of the people reviewing the book aren't happy with it, in part because it tends to read more like a novel than a mathematics textbook, and with its conversational style at the expense of showing equations.

    There are a lot of textbooks out there that follow a more traditional presentation. One that comes to mind is by Boyce and Di Prima. I have several DE textbooks from when I taught these courses, but it's been almost 20 years since I last taught such a class, and all of my books date from back then.
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    Have you heard of MIT OCW? it's pretty cool, complete courses of basic(calculus, linear algebra) and more advance things on video lectures, the 18.03 course is on Differential Equations, and exists a playlist on Youtube named 18.03SC where after the real lectures the next video is on doing exercises from the section of the past lecture, and i remember that one of this videos is on doing EXACTLY Eingenvalue problems for Real and Complex System of ODEs, you should look for it ;)
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    Yes, but they don't post the recitations so there is a lot of missing information.
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