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Video lectures on particle accelerators

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    Is it possible to build one at home? are there "how to"??
  5. Apr 7, 2010 #4
    Yes. It is possible. I know my professor did one when he was only ten years ago.
    Just google it.
    He also created an anti-matter machine in his backyard.

    These are cool things that you can do at home. Check out google. Plenty.

    Some of you might be guessing who my professor is... it's kind of obvious (he built anti-matter...)

    But don't get yourself trouble with the real accelerator we see on the T.V.
    You just can't build those.
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    Do you know Physicist Michio kaku built an atom smasher when he was a student
  7. May 3, 2010 #6
    Why can I not contact the website in China?
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