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Calculators Vintage HP calculators are still popular!

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    I've been using an HP 11C for over twenty years. I bought it sometime after I started teaching here (1985) and before HP discontinued the 11C (1989). I now use TI's at work so as to be compatible with my students, but I still use the 11C almost daily at home.

    I just looked on eBay and found a nearly-completed auction for an 11C with a high bid of just over $100. That's about what I paid last week for an HP 50g (the current top of the line) on clearance at Best Buy! Also, there are a couple of 15C's (similar to the 11C but can also do matrices and complex numbers) about to go for over $200.
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    Maybe a collector
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    I found a HP 11C in my cousin's garage and took it. But now I can't find it!
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    I have a Canon TP-8, it's circa 70s or 80s, and it still prints. Doesn't seem to be worth much though.
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