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Voltage controlled dependent current source

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    I had a question. When you have a circuit with a independent current source and a voltage dependent current source. And the dependent current source is dependent on the Voltage drop across the independent current source. How do I solve for this voltage drop when the currents are in parallel with other resistor values?

    Do I use KCL?

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    You use whatever tools are available to you, such as nodal analysis, mesh analysis. But I can't tell you any more than that since I don't know what your circuit looks like. KCL and KVL is valid everywere, though. Do you have a picture of the circuit?
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    here is the circuit thanks

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    Now the first thing you should do would be to simplify the circuit. Combine all those resistors in parallel into one equivalent resistor. Then you have two current sources in parallel with the Req. It can be seen then that the potential drop across the resistor is also VA. From here you should be able to find VA.
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