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Wait for it WAIT for it!

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    Wait for it... WAIT for it! ....

    Well? I told you to wait for it! :devil:

    (I'm sure it's still coming...)

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    Huh? What do you mean?
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    We have an announcement for confirmation of the string landscape...

    1st of April...
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    And yes, Virginia, there IS a Multiverse :biggrin:
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    Today there will also be an announcement that the BICEP2 experiment include an anti-inflation effect for planet earth. Slowly but surely (!) the earth is deflating with a gas identified as dark matter. You can see the daily effect of this deflation at every crossroad where the asphalt is curling, as if the roads are pushing each other. This is caused by an decreasing earth radius. The gas is, by the way, most probably also responsible for global warming and the general decline in republican votes. There is also a highly confidential experiment in eastern Siberia, which detected similar gasses much earlier. This inspired President Putin to pursue compensation for lost territory.

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    No sense of humor, huh? :tongue:

    Oh well, at least a few other posters guessed.

    But actually, I am quite disappointed! Usually some "special" articles appear on the arXiv at this "special" time of year, which "special" people think are very important and read them avidly.

    But,... oh dear,.... I didn't notice any this year, at least not in the sections I follow. Or maybe I've just grown a little more "special" in the last 12 months, and now I can't see them (sigh). Oh wait! Demystifier noticed it, but I didn't -- because it was on the wrong day. OK, I feel a bit better now.

    Anyway, Peter Woit didn't disappoint me. Neither did Jester.

    Hosse was a lot less obvious about it -- or maybe I'm now too "special" for her blog. :frown:


    Edit: Oh! Where are my manners?? I overlooked this.
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  9. Oct 28, 2014 #8
    With a thread title like that, what do you expect!?!

    (...and can we expect a similar thread next year... at about this same time?)

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