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Wall on the mexico/united states border

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    Besides the cost, what is wrong with building a wall on the Mexico/America border? I don't see how this could be morally wrong, or wrong in any other way besides the cost of the thing.
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    Well if the build it out of stone, with towers and ramparts, and crenelations and merlons (rather than iron and barbed wire), and give it a fancy name like the Great Mexican-American Friendship Wall, then it just might become a tourist attraction. :rolleyes:
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    That is funny. But do you not have a reason why this would be wrong to do? I seriously can not think of a reason.
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    It seems correct to me. We have enemies that we don't want to enter our country, so why the heck should we just have open borders?
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    I think, It's better to leave open borders for whatever reason. South, Central Americans and Mexicans, partially shape U.S's economy. They work really hard for low wages, like slaves. They just work for a better life. Everyone deserves freedom and good life. Life is only one, and why should you spend it all, living in poor countries of tropical South America. U.S is based upon freedom. U.S's government left open borders so they take advantage of it. Good. Haven't you ever taken advantage of something that gets you a better living? Only Native Americans are real citizens of U.S's territory, though stupid government treats them like animals. How'bout you? If you can scarcely earn money for goods, wouldn't you try to move somewhere else, thinking of easier and richer life, or rather stay to the very end, always thinking from where to get some food?

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    So you are saying that we should have open borders because it gives us people that will work as hard as slaves for cheap prices? Now that seems immoral to me. There are legal ways to enter our country, and I would assume that if an immigrant were to enter our country legally then they would have a much better life here.
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    Maybe it's just because Bush suggest and anything a high ranking poltican makes has to have a useless and pointless argument.
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    I don't have a serious moral objection to the issue, but I think that spending a lot of time and money building such a wall would create a bad image of our nation (well, not that its is a good one now). America is supposted to be the land of opportunity, so I don't think walling people out is a good idea. Think about how our country was founded.
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    I don't really see your point Kb, because there is perfectly legal ways to become an american citizen. The only bad thing about the idea that I can see is how expensive it would be.
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    Alot of them need money right away to eat, and the registration process to become a US citizen takes months
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    Do you have an argument about why a wall should not be built?
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    Yes, but after a while it would even out because we would let more immigrants into the country legally because there would be very few entering illegally.
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    who needs a wall when you can use landmines? No one will dare cross a landmine field, this I promise.
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    I know you are joking, but I don't see your point.
  16. Apr 6, 2006 #15
    No it's just another useless argument started by polticans to use as fuel against each other.
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    I got a better idea have get http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B-52_Stratofortress" [Broken] and use those instead noone will get illegeal close to crossing the broder with those.
    And maybe have some nukes on them too.
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    I think landmines will suffice scott1, :uhh:
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    ROTFL :biggrin:

    I meant, let them come in whatever way they desire.
    Everyone comes, because like Kb said, US is like a land of opportunity and better life. English is the easiest to learn I think, and one more important thing I learned a few weeks ago. People want things that are hard to get. Other nations don't use visas for travelers and workers, (some of them do though) that's the reason they for example don't travel to Germany, France or any west European country. They think that, since US uses visas it's a cool country, I wanna go there. And at last, not many countries have skyscrapers, that's also nice, and shows power in some ways. I think Mexicans don't try to come legally because maybe visas are hard to get in Mexico? Anyway, US slowly becomes a spanish country, or maybe major cities like NYC, Miami, LA, so on. I don't know, but People are not only rushing to US but also to Great Britain and others, although maybe less. See, everyone wants to live their lives in a good way, I just can't imagine how people in Africa come, suffer all the life, die without even experiencing what the world has to offer. ****ty life out there.

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    You're missing the point-- they can't register legally...they have to eat and have some place to stay, and they're making no money where they're at, so they cross the border. It costs time and money to register.
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    But if illegal imigrants quite coming over here then we would increase the amount of imigrants that we would let in legally. So I think you are missing the point.
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