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Want learning Material for motorcycle manufacturing

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    I am undergoing internship in an motorcycle company (OEM) and would like to know if there are any ebooks about motorcycle parts, manufacturing processes, general manufacturing practices, Engine, vehicle assembly operations and stuff like these?
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    I'm sorry you are not generating any responses at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us? Any new findings?
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    Unluckily I am interning at a busy plant and they didnt provide me any classroom training/lecture! Right at the beginning, I was deployed to work in the shop floor. So, I am finding shortage of time to learn some basic concepts. Looking for any ebooks or learning modules on manufacturing, assembly, inspection processes involved in a 2-wheeler company. I hope some of you would help me.
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    jim hardy

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    That's fortunate. You can see first hand how it's done.
    My advice is ask questions of the folks doing the work.

    One learns 100X faster by doing than by reading about doing.
    Probably at entry level you're given only the simplest tasks. Pitch right in and do them enthusiastically and well, you will be noticed and moved into more responsible ones.

    I have a relative who started out thirty years ago sweeping out airplanes on night shift. Now he manages maintenance for the airline's entire fleet .

    Attitude is everything.
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    Thanks Jim :) It's true that we learn 100x faster by doing. In fact, I love being surrounded by machines and it's quite a good thing that I see what I learnt from books. But the problem is our company is the leading manufacturer in our country and is highly competitive! So, not all are lending me ears. We have contract based operators who are not very aware of the operations. They are fed just with which buttons to press and what to check! I felt that it would be better if I could also learn some technicalities. I work for TPM function and it's more of paper work, audits, taking classes about basics of machining, quality and all that. That's my stand
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    jim hardy

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    Okay i understand.

    I dont know much at all about manufacturing , have stumbled across only a few 1930-ish textbooks in thrift shops.

    Train your search engine over the period of a couple weeks.
    Here's the first two mine returned for a search on phrase

    "mechanical assembly manufacturing processes " without quotes

    http://wwwme.nchu.edu.tw/~CIM/courses/Manufacturing Processes/Ch33-MechanicalAssembly-Tseng.pdf

    google knows what you look at and for how long
    so over time it tailors itself to your interests.

    By any chance you're not in a Royal Enfield factory are you?
    My first bike was a 1956 Enfield vertical twin, 694cc .
    Hope to own another in this lifetime.

    old jim
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    Thank you very much jim :) The links are cool...I ll look up for more such data. I work for TVS motor Company. We make all levels of products, Scooters, Mopeds, Entry level bikes, Sports Bike and 3-wheeler too! Royal Enfield factory is kind of near to my place though. :)
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