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Was it a mistake

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    All my life I thought I will be a math teacher (high school). And, then the very last minute I changed, and last week I started my first year studies at the University in the Electrical Engineering Program, did I make a mistake?
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    How on earth could anyone know that?
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    I suppose it could be a mistake if that's still what you want to do, but if EE is something that interests you, go for it.
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    If you get a degree in electric engineering, I'm sure you know plenty of math so you could teach in high school, too.
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    If it's what you want to do, than great! If not, than it will be a good field, and if you still want to be a teacher in highschool; I am sure you would find a mathematics teaching position at a highschool.
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    probably that might happen, the only thing is I will have to go 1 extra year to teacher's college.
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    Try it out! Remember, you live only once, no sense in wondering what life would have been like, later on, had you majored in EE. Also, you will probably change your major a few times anyway, don't worry about it: College, imo, is about finding out what you want to do for the rest of your life. Trial and error may not seem like a good option, but it is the only way. Personally, I started out as a physics major, then math education, then pure math, and now back to math education.
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    My calculus teacher in high school was a literature major. I think you'll do fine as an EE...

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    Which would you rather do, take an extra year to do what you love more, or never do what you want to do, and waste the rest of your life....

    My sister did something similar, don't worry, it happens to a lot of people.
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