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Homework Help: Wavelength/Frequency short Questions help

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    For a) I did frequency = speed of light / wavelength = 3.75x1014Hz
    for b) I did 3.75x1014Hz x 10-15s=0.375
    I think a) is right, but I don't know about b)
    For c) I would have thought it is the same frequency as the first because I am taking it as if it is the same frequency, but a shorter amount of time, but I think this is wrong.

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    anyone please?
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    10^-15 s is one femtosecond, not 20.

    Have you tried the energy-time uncertainty principle?
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    Oh right, so I guess b) would be what I put times 20, so 7.5...
    c) If that has anything to do with heisenberg's uncertainty principle, we haven't been taught that in this class, is there another way?
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    Or if I use that which equation should I use? I looked at it, but I'm not sure how it applies.
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    Hm I looked at the equations, and have found that [tex]1/2\delta T = 2.5x10^{13}hz[/tex] where delta T = 20 femtoseconds...is this correct?
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