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Weak Anti Localisation concept

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    Hi all,

    For my studies I'm currently looking into Weak anti localisation.
    I've come across a lot of articles making use of this effect, but none of them describe the concept of WAL.
    So far I've been unable to find it in my books. I hope one of you can help me with this.
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    Abstracted from Wikipedia,

    "In a system with spin-orbit coupling the spin of a carrier is coupled to its momentum. The spin of the carrier rotates as it goes around a self-intersecting path, and the direction of this rotation is opposite for the two directions about the loop. Because of this, the two paths any loop interfere destructively which leads to a lower net resistivity"

    Please refer to Hikami, S.; A. I Larkin, Y. Nagaoka (1980). "Spin–Orbit Interaction and Magnetoresistance in the Two-Dimensional Random System". Progress of Theoretical Physics 63 (2): 707–710
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