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Weights: Iron vs Steel vs Ceramic

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    I have weighed a cast iron brake disc and got an average reading of roughly 4kg, id like to know how a stainless steel disc would compare with this weight (just roughly) and also, if a ceramic plate was added to the iron disc...any help appreciated...thanks!

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    The average density of most stainless steels is around .28 Lbm/in3
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    hi, thanks for your reply,

    im just looking for some predictions in kg,

    if a cast iron disc with diameter 0.3m weighs 4kg, then how would a stainless steel disc of the same size match up to that?

    also how much extra weight would a ceramic plate added to the cast iron disc give?

    i took the weight of the iron disc, cant find a steel and ceramic disc, so anyhelp would be great....

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    Work out how much volume the steel and ceramic discs would be, multiply each of those values by its density, and you have the weight of the disc.
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    ^i see, ok great! thanks
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