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Well Im on a science project ( NOT HOMEWORK)

  1. Jan 13, 2008 #1
    Trying to figure out a formula for the amount of teeth and amount of gears for a pound of force delivered.
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    >_>I know I'm never going to get a reply.Another Day, Another barren wasteland forum >_>
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    This is a mechanical engineering/design problem, and not suitable for the tutorial section. I shall move it accordingly.

    The number (and size) of teeth will depend on the diameter of the gear (root, or mean, or peak), and the stress limit criteria, which depends on the material.
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    Well I know that I just need a partial portion of my dirty work done like an example of lined up gears and teeth per pound. but I'll give you this much. Material: Steal
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    It doesn't work like that. You need to know the loads you will be transmitting through the gear teeth. You assume, worst case, that only a single tooth will be engaged at a time. There is no easy plug and chug equation to do this. This is why optical techniques and FEA are used to describe the very complex stress distributions around gear teeth.
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    >_> I asked an example, not The most efficient way. I'm unfortunately done with this site until I have a dumb question.
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    We don't want members here who ask half a question, and expect answers within 9 minutes of their original post, without showing any gratitude for the helpful (and correct) answers which were offered them.

    Close the door quietly on your way out.
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    Doc Al

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    On that note, this thread is done. Best of luck!
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