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Courses What are some good physics courses for math majors?

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    Hey, I'm a math major, and I want to take some physics courses. What are some physical topics that have alot of really interesting math, be it PDEs, analysis, eccetera?
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    I'm required by my university to take Physics I & II, but I've also taken a class on introductory astrophysics/cosmology. It was very interesting, though not only because of the math. Years ago I took a class called Applied Physics which was pretty good. It covered the mathematics of things in the natural world (trajectories, collisions etc..) and held my attention quite well.
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    Analytical Mechanics.

    Or in other words the classical mechanics after Newton's formalism, i.e Euler,Jacobi,Hamilton's and co formalism.

    Other keywords, lagrangian mechanics and hamiltonian mechanics.
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