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What are the applications of Reactance Diagram?

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    Hi there!

    I am just wondering about the applications of reactance diagram in the real world. What are the uses of this diagram?

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    Reactance diagram can be used to analyse phase shift, impedance as a function of frequency and a lot more. Reactance diagram works on the basic concept of vectors....
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    I use it quite often. I need to know the impedance of inductors and capacitors at various frequencies for many of the analog circuits I'm working with, and the diagram is a lot quicker than a calculator:


    I also use it to tell me what LC combo to use for resonance at some frequency that I might need. Very handy tool. I actually have a copy taped right there on my office wall, and another copy on my lab bench out in the lab. And one in my "Crib Sheets" binder (actually 2 binders -- one here at work and one at home).
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    Now that's what I call a historic diagram - megacycles and kilocycles. When in the business, I also had one on the wall. Faster than a calculator and you could draw your own lines on it - like at 50 and 600 Ohms.
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