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What are the equations to measure attenuation of stress wave

  1. Nov 26, 2015 #1
    what are the equations to measure attenuation, frequency, amplitude of a stress wave propagation of metal rod or plate which is immersed in water or fluid?
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    The equations will depend on the method used to measure these quantities.
    You need to give more details in order to get more detailed answers.
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    consider, there is tank filled with water and metal rod immersed into it. when we give vibrations to that rod. due to these waves are generated into water. these waves have some attenuation, frequency, amplitude. to calculate these i want equations related these...
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    You are just repeating what you said in the OP.
    You need to do some measurements in order to get these quantities. The amplitude and frequency will depend on how do you produce these vibrations. There is no way to calculate them from nothing, just on the base of some magic equations.

    The attenuation will depend on the material. If you want to measure it, you will need again to do some measurements. You could measure the amplitue of the wave at different points along the rod.
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