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What are the key concepts to learn for Java?

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    New to programming Java please list out the things I should focus on. What are the key ingredient to programming in Java?

    Thank You
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    You give no indication as to your overall experience with programming, so the question is impossible to answer. If you are totally new to programming it's one thing but if you are an experienced programmer who just wants to take on Java, it's a whole different story.

    In any case since Java is totally OOP, you should make sure you understand the fundamentals of OOP, independently of Java.
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    First of all, if you want to learn, develop your own problem. As an example:

    Objective: Create a text-based calculator.
    What you need: Variables, functions, objects (Scanner)
    What you need to learn: Variables, functions, objects
    How to learn it: Textbook, online Oracle tutorials (reliable source), YouTube

    Also I don't understand the question "What are they key ingredients to programming in Java?" The key ingredient to programming is understanding the language and how to use it given a problem.
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    Try to understand what is going on in memory when you create an object, or declare a variable. I know it's kind of vague, but that's a key matter.
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