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What are the most abundant elements in the Biosphere?

  1. Feb 25, 2006 #1
    My list is this.

    1) Oxygen with 51%
    2) Silicon with 25%
    3) Aluminium with 7%
    4) Others
    I am not sure of these because I found them on the web and every site is different. I want to make sure so please anyone with Information post.

    Thanks :)
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    Anyone got the answers because I really need it. Thanks
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    This is supposed to be in Homework help. You say "biosphere." Is this for an environmental science course, 8th grade general science, or what? What you've listed for the first four are "planetary abundancesk," of which the "big eight" are O, Al, Si, Na, Mg, Ca, K, Fe; not much life there. What your text, instructor, or course outline means by "biosphere" can not be intuited without you informing us about the level and title of the course.
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    Well others is all the other 89 naturally occuring elements.

    Try hydrogen, as in two atoms of H for each atom of O in a water molecule.

    Then carbon is pretty abundant - in all the life that is part of the biosphere.

    And nitrogen - 78% of air.
  6. Mar 4, 2006 #5
    Thanks guys I got it. Astronuc thanks for your input because the suggestions you made where quite right :)
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