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What are your hobbies? (Include pictures please)

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    So here are a few things I do when I am not working or doing homework.
    Eat Kimchi stew:smile:

    Work on the truck.

    And wheeling with my buddies.
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    where to start...

    My Amateur Radio activities, extend over some 32 yrs, keep me reasonably busy with hilltop expeditions to do microwave comms with other guys on distant hilltops.....


    from left to right.... grey dish - 10 GHz, top right - silver dish 24GHz
    below that small gridpac 5.8GHz and to right of it the larger gridpac - 2.4 GHz

    My astronomy has been around a bit longer, more than 40 yrs I started with a small spotting scope and as the years went by aperture fever took hold and the scopes got progressively larger. This is my current toy - a Celectron CPC9.25


    Have been into geology also since I was a kid with meteorite, mineral and fossil collections
    one practical aspect of my geology activities is the recording of earthquakes.
    Here is a pic of the long period sensor....


    My deep interest in electronics has not only provided me with employment since I left school, but it has also linked many of my hobby interests together


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    I listen to a lot of classical music (baroque up to 21st century). The racks in the picture below hold about half of my CD collection, which I'm gradually ripping to iTunes.


    I also chase trains and streetcars (trams).




    (my beard is whiter now, and I've put on some weight. :frown:)

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    The decorations in your home, what kind of theme are you shooting for? Your house looks warm and comforting. And boy those are a lot of CD's you got there!
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    I'm a railfan, but more on the freight side. During university, and couple of buddies and I used to speed along back roads of Texas chasing ATSF, BN, UP, SP and MP, or we'd find a freight yard and hang out shoot pictures of what passed through. I have an extensive collection of tank car slides.

    I also collected brass locomotives.
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    He makes them with his own two hands! Excellent work, phinds!
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    My hobbies are photography and painting. I don't have any pictures though.
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    Chi Meson

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    Oh the irony! :Fe:
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    I watch billy herrington videos, read textbooks, write amateur textbooks and... I dunno, that's about it - I'm a pretty boring guy :blushing:
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    Actually only that room and the kitchen which is off to the right, are like that, with the wooden paneling. They were that way when we bought the house, and one reason why we were attracted to it (the other reasons being a great price and a location within walking distance of where we work). The knicknack shelves on the walls were left behind by the original owner, but the CD racks and the other furniture are ours. I don't think we bought any new furniture for that room except the CD racks. The table and chairs used to belong to my mother-in-law.

    The other rooms have plain off-white walls that we've decorated with pictures etc. And more CD racks. :blushing:
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    I gather your hobbies include trolling random forums online?

    I don't have any pictures, but I run (half-)marathons and practice often. I'm also learning to cook; this has been a pleasant experience so far.
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    At the moment my two main hobbies are trying to learn as much about physics as I can (I'm trying to decide if I want to go back to school and study physics),
    and trying to teach myself Mac OS X Cocoa GUI programming (never has there been a topic more vexing). I'd include pictures, but they'd mostly just be screenshots and I'm not allowed to post links yet anyway.
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    Hanging out with my dog.


    Astronomy (That's my former neighbor, not me)


    Gardening is not really a hobby, but a necessity. Don't want to use up our retirement savings buying food that I could grow here.


    Making pickles and salsas - this is a small sample of what I do every year.


    Fly-fishing for brookies.


    I have sold off my old Wide-Glide (because of poor balance due to a stroke) but hopping this up was my favorite hobby for a long while. Luckily, my wife tolerated having a torn-down carb, etc, on the kitchen table so I could do rebuilds in cold weather. Hey, I used layers of newspapers!!

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    Those pickles are making my mouth water turbo. Also awesome woods outside your house!!
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    My mouse is waddling, too. I might have to open another jar.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Huh, hobbies... That would mean doing something besides work?

    I'm too busy trying to build my kingdom right now. No time for hobbies besides spending a little time goofing off at PF.

    Does talking with beautiful women count? I like to do that.
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    Hm... EVE Online, reading sci-fi, and building hydrogen-propelled rockets (i.e. plastic bottles), among other things.
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    Everything is my hobby.

    I think I'd be banned for bandwidth piggishness if I were to post pictures of even a fraction of the things I've delved into.


    Ok. I have no hobbies....... :cry:

    But I'll share one of my old ones. Phinds wood reminded me of my wood hobby from a few years back....


    Like a jewel, it glittered in the water, reflecting sunrays....
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    @ turbo,
    That looks like a beautiful place to live. Fantastic garden! (I want to start growing some herbs, tomatoes, etc.) Your canned goods look really tasty (as do the fish). Is the dog the legendary Duke? He looks like a great dog. Last but not least, most cool bike!

    @ OmCheeto,
    Really nice boat! I admire the ability to build things really well with wood. My old industrial arts teacher once referred to me as a "wood butcher".
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    During the few moments of the year when I have time for hobbies I like astronomy and mountain biking. Also I'm a little into photography which has lately mostly turned into just astrophotography.

    I hope these pics work.


    https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/397781_943094439406_1230318313_n.jpg [Broken]
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    I play around with GGI:


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