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What books must we phycists read?

  1. Jan 21, 2014 #1
    I hated hated my Phyiscs textbook Fundamental Physics. I'm going to have to take charge of my own education now and just rely not that book. Does anyone here know of any book Physics Books/Text Books that are essential for for one to be Phycisist ? I mean, I found Feynman's Lectures -- books of that quality and clarity. Or any physics book that you think all physicist must read!!
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    Have a look at A. P. French's books from the MIT Introductory Physics Series.

    Newtonian Mechanics
    Vibrations and Waves
    Special Relativity
    and An Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

    They are a bit old, but at least the first three are IMO masterpieces of physics education.

    The first one, Newtonian Mechanics, is considered a bit too verbose by some, but I believe that to be one of its strengths: French leaves nothing unexplained and prevents many of the students questions and doubts.

    If you seek clarity and a truly pedagogical approach, French won't let you down. I wish I had used the Newtonian Mechanics book as my first physics book. And the Vibrations and Waves book as my first intro to oscillatory phenomena. For Electromagnetism there is Purcell's "Electricity and Magnetism" from the Berkely Physics Course. It is now in its third edition.

    Too bad Norton is publishing poorly printed and bound editions of French's books. (They are cheap, though)
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