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Physics What can a fresh EU physics graduate do in the UK?

  1. Nov 20, 2011 #1
    I've been searching for msc/msc+phd funding in the UK for quite a while but it seems the most I can obtain is a tuition waiver as I don't meet the residency requirements for a living stipend of any sort (3 years in the UK). Consequently I am reconsidering my career options upon graduating and thinking of just getting a job (next year, which I hope to do complete in the UK (ICL) as an erasmus student if funding permits). What can I do as a EU national in the UK as a recent physics graduate, with no prior technical work experience? What kind of jobs are available to me? I do not have programming experience (though I will be taking a fortran/mathematica/matlab based computational physics course this year), but I have some minor know-how with mathematica and Origin.

    My ultimate goal is to meet the requirements for full msc funding or enroll in a msc part-time, and possibly consider a phd afterwards, but everything right now seems to indicate I should concentrate on making a stable living. I don't really have any financial support to further my education.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    I have, and have looked at a few other institutions that offer msc's in English (mainly the ones my uni has an erasmus agreement with, such as Copenhagen), but the problem is the same: no living stipend for non-nationals, only tuition waivers for EU students in the best of cases.

    I should've added that I'm also set on emigrating to work in the UK, msc or no msc.
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    Physics graduates in the UK generally go into accountancy, finance, consulting and investment banking (only if it's at a target university though). Check Unistats (Google it) as it gives a fairly accurate breakdown of what physics graduates form each university go into.
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