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Engineering What can a nuclear engineer do in a particle accelerator ?

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    Do they need a nuclear engineer in a Synchrotron ? if yes what kind of job does he do ?
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    There is nothing similar to nuclear power plants, but I guess the engineer could give advice about the choice of materials that might get activated, how to handle irradiated objects, and radiation safety in general. Or learn something about accelerator design and operation to do more tasks.
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    As mfb has stated, you might have some overlap in knowledge if you specialize in radiation safety or in materials activation.

    In addition, depending on your specialization, if you have an extensive knowledge of plasma physics, then that might also be useful in some aspect of accelerator science (not particularly in a synchrotron facility).

    What you can do is to go look at the curriculum or courses offered at a particle accelerator school (these are offered both in the US and Europe), and compare your knowledge base to the courses or subject areas that are covered in such a school. Are there any overlaps?

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