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  1. W

    Why is hydrogen added to BWR coolant but not PWR coolant?

    I know hydrogen gas is used in BWR coolant to counteract radiolysis and reduce the probability of localized corrosion. Why can't the same be done for PWR's?
  2. MRrelativity

    Engineering How well is the nuclear engineering job market doing?

    Hello, my name is Samuel. I am a sophomore at Missouri S&T, I just switched my major from physics to Nuclear engineering. I am looking to get my degree in nuclear engineering and then work in the industry for a little bit before going to grad school and working on reactor design. I'm sorry if...
  3. S

    Programs Transitioning military-Degree questions

    Hey all, I am in need of some guidance regarding an engineering degree. I'm currently a Navy Nuke and am set to leave the service in around 2 years. My schedule doesn't allow me to attend a brick and mortar school for the foreseeable future but I'd like to start working towards an engineering...
  4. G

    Engineering Nuclear Engineer with B.S. in Physics?

    I have a B.S. in physics. Am I qualified for entry-level jobs in nuclear engineering?
  5. T

    What do NukeE consulting jobs pay these days?

    Just curious. I am getting my B.S. in NukeE this December from Missouri S&T, and going immediately back for my Ph.D. I would like to make ridiculous amounts of money with a future Ph.D, if possible.
  6. P

    Programs Is it possible to pursue a career in nuclear physics without getting a degree?

    I am currently in my final year at college and wish to persue a career in nuclear physics as this is something which strongly interests me. However, if it is possible i would rather skip the university part and take a different route into the career like an apprenticeship. i have found it hard...