What is Nuclear engineer: Definition and 33 Discussions

Nuclear engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the application of breaking down atomic nuclei (fission) or of combining atomic nuclei (fusion), or with the application of other sub-atomic processes based on the principles of nuclear physics. In the sub-field of nuclear fission, it particularly includes the design, interaction, and maintenance of systems and components like nuclear reactors, nuclear power plants, or nuclear weapons. The field also includes the study of medical and other applications of radiation, particularly Ionizing radiation, nuclear safety, heat/thermodynamics transport, nuclear fuel, or other related technology (e.g., radioactive waste disposal) and the problems of nuclear proliferation. This field also includes chemical engineering and electrical engineering as well.

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  1. M

    Engineering What non-nuclear fields can a nuclear engineer work in?

    Hi, I am almost done with my 5 years of a bachelor of nuclear engineering, the main field I am working on is thermal-hydraulic but I am flexible with changing my whole path. for example, I am in between data science and CFD analysis. What kind of jobs do I qualify for?
  2. G

    Working as a nuclear engineer with M.Sc. Physics

    IS it possible to work as nuclear engineer or getting into nuclear industry with a M.Sc. in Nuclear Physics instead of Nuclear Engineering?
  3. M

    Engineering What can a nuclear engineer do in a particle accelerator ?

    Do they need a nuclear engineer in a Synchrotron ? if yes what kind of job does he do ?
  4. W

    Why is hydrogen added to BWR coolant but not PWR coolant?

    I know hydrogen gas is used in BWR coolant to counteract radiolysis and reduce the probability of localized corrosion. Why can't the same be done for PWR's?
  5. Hamal_Arietis

    Engineering What Are the Job Opportunities for Nuclear Engineers?

    Hello I'm a student in university, my major is nuclear engineering, energy and nuclear electric. But in my country, nuclear electric company isn't build. I'm afraid that no jobs when I graduate. Besides working in company, what is the jobs for nuclear engineer? Thank you
  6. MRrelativity

    Engineering How well is the nuclear engineering job market doing?

    Hello, my name is Samuel. I am a sophomore at Missouri S&T, I just switched my major from physics to Nuclear engineering. I am looking to get my degree in nuclear engineering and then work in the industry for a little bit before going to grad school and working on reactor design. I'm sorry if...
  7. A

    Engineering Is there a short path to becoming a nuclear engineer if...

    Is there a short path to becoming a nuclear engineer if you have a B.S in physics? Can you get into grad school and specialize in nuclear engineering?
  8. M

    Civilian Nuclear Engineer at Naval Shipyard

    I was recently offered a job by the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard to be a civilian Nuclear Engineer in the Nuclear Fluids and Mechanical Engineering Department. I will be graduating with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in the spring (3.70 GPA), and have accepted this offer for employment, though its...
  9. S

    Programs Transitioning military-Degree questions

    Hey all, I am in need of some guidance regarding an engineering degree. I'm currently a Navy Nuke and am set to leave the service in around 2 years. My schedule doesn't allow me to attend a brick and mortar school for the foreseeable future but I'd like to start working towards an engineering...
  10. M

    Should I be a Nuclear engineer or physicist?

    Hey anyone, I am not all that good at academics and so I'm in a bind. I want to be an engineer, but no way I can transfer into Purdue's main campus, just can't get my gpa up there. I can stay at the calumet branch and get a physics degree, but my love is nuclear energy. I come here because i...
  11. G

    Engineering Nuclear Engineer with B.S. in Physics?

    I have a B.S. in physics. Am I qualified for entry-level jobs in nuclear engineering?
  12. T

    What do NukeE consulting jobs pay these days?

    Just curious. I am getting my B.S. in NukeE this December from Missouri S&T, and going immediately back for my Ph.D. I would like to make ridiculous amounts of money with a future Ph.D, if possible.
  13. P

    Programs Is it possible to pursue a career in nuclear physics without getting a degree?

    I am currently in my final year at college and wish to pursue a career in nuclear physics as this is something which strongly interests me. However, if it is possible i would rather skip the university part and take a different route into the career like an apprenticeship. i have found it hard...
  14. Phoenix Baldez

    Nuclear Engineer Looking into High Energy Physics Detectors

    So I am a senior nuclear engineer with a good GPA and I've actually taken some extra math (PDEs) and physics (nuclear physics and astrophysics) courses over the years. I am extremely interested in detection in general. I have worked at a national lab designing and building neutron detectors and...
  15. C

    Engineering Highschool math/ physics teacher / Nuclear engineer.

    Have any of you worked as a high school math or physics teacher or nuclear engineer? If so do you like your job? Is your job stressful. Would you do it again? What other jobs in math or science have you had that you liked?
  16. W

    Interview With A Nuclear Engineer

    I am a high school sophomore, and a year-long project for my engineering class involves a series of five or six interview questions with a nuclear engineer. I don't know if this is in the right category, but please reply if you can help. The file is attached to prove my point.
  17. V

    Engineering Computational Skills of a Nuclear Engineer

    This Fall I will be joining my university for MS Nuclear Engineering. My undergraduate major is Mechanical Engineering. I have a few questions. 1. How important is computational physics in Nuclear Engineering? 2. How to go about learning and practicing it in the context of nuclear engineering...
  18. A

    Engineering Nuclear Engineer or Nuclear Scientist?

    As a career should I pick a nuclear engineer or nuclear scientist? What's the difference?
  19. X

    Current Nuclear Engineer Regulations/Debates

    I am looking for reliable and scholarly sources (books, articles, websites, videos, etc) on the following topics: 1. Current (post-Fukushima incident) debates about whether or not a moratorium should exist (in the U.S.) 2. What new regulation are being proposed for the most current debates...
  20. M

    Nuclear Physics or Nuclear Engineer?

    Hey guys I had a quick question about working at a Nuclear Power Plant. I want to become one of the Nuclear inspectors but I don't know which degree to go for. Is it the Nuclear Engineer because I have been noticing that more when looking more into power plants. I was going to go for a PhD in...
  21. C

    Engineering Nuclear engineer graduate, need advice

    I am going to graduate soon of a 5 year long major. The major was a general engineering with specialization in nuclear engineering. Now I have to look for a job, but I don't know exactly what to look for. Should I look for jobs in the nuclear field, or try to broaden the search and look for...
  22. C

    Nuclear Engineer, Astrophysicist, or both?

    Hi, I am currently attending UTK and studying in their nuclear engineering program. I think this is a great program of study that will pay off well, even with just a bachelors degree. However, I am really interested in astrophysics. The job market in astrophysics is a little riskier than the...
  23. A

    Nuclear Engineer - job description

    Hi there, I've been wondering for some time what the nuclear engineer job exactly looks like. I am particulary interested in one question: is there a place in the field of nuclear engineering for guys who would rather do the math and equations than build anything? Are there jobs for power...
  24. A

    Is quantum mechanics necessary for nuclear engineer?

    Hi all, I graduated as mechanical engineer and I am studying master in nuclear engineering in Russia ,so to fill the gap between mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering I have to study some course in physics ,but is quantum mechanics necessary for nuclear engineer and which part of...
  25. Q

    So can i become nuclear engineer?

    Hi, I'm a student at Vietnam National University, in the partnership program with the France and other country like Switzerland...( called Physique Corpusculaire et Applications ) I'm not a good student. My first year i got only 2.83 for semester 1 and 3.08 for semester 2. I'm not good at...
  26. D

    Are Nuclear Engineers Still Innovating Despite Few New Plants Being Built?

    Where does a nuclear engineer work? At a nuclear plant? Out of an office? There have not been any new nuclear plants built in the US in many, many years. So is there any new designing/innovation going on or is it just maintaining day-to-day operations (checking dials, running diagnostics and...
  27. Pattonias

    How to become a nuclear engineer

    I am a mechanical engineering student still working on my bachelors. I have taken a great interest in the development of the fusion reactor in France (ITER). I have decided to gear my education in such a way that I will eventually be qualified to work at ITER and in the nuclear fusion field...
  28. T

    Engineering Nuclear Engineer: Enlist or Pursue Software Job?

    Hello, I got my BS in nuclear engineering last December, and I've been trying to find a job in the nuclear industry and not had much luck. I've been looking into enlisting in the Navy Nuclear Program and am actually right now in the Delayed Entry Program. However, all my family and friends...
  29. P

    Engineering Most useful (spoken) language to learn for a Nuclear Engineer?

    Hello, I'm a Nuclear Engineering undergrad at Penn State. Right now I'm considering to learn a foreign language so I will be able to communicate to other countries which have a considerable amount of nuclear resources (personnel and infrastructure). I have a few questions in regards to...
  30. Pythagorean

    Fun stuff you get to do as a nuclear engineer?

    what kind of fund stuff do you get to do as a nuclear engineer?
  31. S

    Nuclear Engineering: Top 10 Schools, Pay, Jobs & More

    well, I frequently view these forums, and you guys are pretty smart so i was wondering. If i were to become a nuclear engineer, what are the top 10 schools? what kinda pay is there, starting and w/ experience. where can I find jobs? who would i usually wokr for, and what would i actually be...
  32. Q

    I want to be a nuclear engineer

    My goal in life is to be a nuclear engineer. I'm 17, and just got a job at Mc.Donalds. When I turn 18 I'm joining the NAVY to get free colleage and to learn through a classform enviorment the mathematics and enviorment I need to know to be a submarine nuclear engineer. As long as I don't have to...