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Physics What career options are available after an Astrophysics degree

  1. Jan 9, 2013 #1
    I'm thinking of doing an astrophysics degree and was wondering what career choices would be available to me after this with just the degree. I would hope to do a masters and so on but that may not work out. I know i could go in to research with the college or university but other then that I am not entirely sure
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    Astrophysics for undergrad? That will prepare you to do astrophysics for grad school. Note that most astrophysicists just get a 'regular' physics degree in undergrad. Thats what I would suggest too, just get a regular physics degree if you want to do (astro)physics research in grad school.

    Other than grad school and research there is not much an astrophysics BS will do for you that any other degree cant. You can do Teach For America, that is a go to employer for physics grads who dont do grad school.
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