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Homework Help: What chemicals are in generic 2 cycle motor oil?

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    Does anyone have a list of the specific chemicals that are in off the shelf generic 2 cycle oils? Much appriciation if someone can give me an accurate list. Willing to compensate for an accurate list of chemicals and their chemical formulas.
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    Firstly, the only place you'll get accurate information is the API or the refinery themselves. Both unlikely to give out complete compositions.

    Typically, 90% of the make-up is base oil. This is generally mineral oil; hydrocarbon fractions of crude, for bog-standard off-the-shelf variants. Some oils will use vegetable oils or synthetic compounds (esters, polyolefins, fluorocarbons) for the base oil.

    The remaining 10% is made up of additives. This is mostly where oil differs in composition depending on the designated application. Additives will include anti-oxidants, viscosity improvers, anti-wear compounds, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foaming agents, detergents, ZDDP, and emulsifiers. Ash will be added for sooty burning engines. Diesel and 2-stroke oils have a high ash content to 'mop up' the soot.

    Now, when you ask about 2 stroke oils, do you mean the sort used in little whizz-bang engines (garden strimmers, lawnmowers etc) or large power generation/marine units?
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    Thanks brewnog you've actually been very helpful and pointed me in the right direction.
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