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What cities or towns are right above the Ramapo Fault?

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    Hi all. I'm planning on moving out of my parents home a few years from now (never too early to plan), and I want to eventually settle in a place that is as safe as possible and future-proof from natural disasters (and climate change) as much as possible. Upstate New York seems like a good place for this, in particular the southeastern part of it (closer to the city). When the sea starts rising a few decades from now, it'll be a good spot. In particular, I like Nanuet, New York or the Northern part of New Jersey. But it might be right on top of the Ramapo Fault. I wouldn't want to live right on top of a big fault.

    I have been seeing many maps of the Ramapo Fault, but they all seem to place the fault more or less in different places. I want to know what cities or towns in the Southern New York/Northern New Jersey area lie right on top of it and, in particular, if Nanuet, New York has the bad luck of being right on top of it? I'm not an Earth Science/Geology person, so please bare with me. Thanks.
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    There's no safe place. Every place can have a disaster of some kind or another from severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes, fires, floods, droughts, earthquakes, severe snow storms, volcanic activity or even tsunamis and not to mention asteroids or meteors and planes, trains, cars and bikes...

    For ramapo:

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