What is Fault: Definition and 124 Discussions

In geology, a fault is a planar fracture or discontinuity in a volume of rock across which there has been significant displacement as a result of rock-mass movements. Large faults within the Earth's crust result from the action of plate tectonic forces, with the largest forming the boundaries between the plates, such as subduction zones or transform faults. Energy release associated with rapid movement on active faults is the cause of most earthquakes. Faults may also displace slowly, by aseismic creep.A fault plane is the plane that represents the fracture surface of a fault. A fault trace or fault line is a place where the fault can be seen or mapped on the surface. A fault trace is also the line commonly plotted on geologic maps to represent a fault.A fault zone is a cluster of parallel faults. However, the term is also used for the zone of crushed rock along a single fault. Prolonged motion along closely spaced faults can blur the distinction, as the rock between the faults is converted to fault-bound lenses of rock and then progressively crushed.

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  1. G

    Heating valve microswitch fault

    Here is the valve in question, an Enolgas R2835P00: The default state is shut, as shown by the red indicator in the picture, oriented crossways. When activated, either by the frost ‘stat, or the user, the valve opens 90deg, and at the end of travel, switches on a pump: Rating plate: The...
  2. A

    MCNP6 with mpi failed with signal 11 (Segmentation fault)

    I use Python scripts to run mcnp.mpi like And I encountered this bug report The scipts has run normally for a few hours. I extracted the inp file and it can be run normally. I searched on Internet and found it seems to be the problem related to memory, but i checked the log, there's still...
  3. E

    Full-bridge vs Half-bridge Fault Tolerance

    Why is it said that full-bridges are fault tolerant compared to half-bridge?
  4. Ntip

    Force on conductors during a short circuit fault

    If I have two parallel bars serving as a DC bus with a capacitor across the output and there is a short fault event, I know the peak current is limited by V/X. The instantaneous current would be a function of the time RLC time constant. How do I relate this to the force on the conductors due to...
  5. Z

    Is Write-Only Memory a Real Thing in Hardware Design?

    I have bolded the text. I have two problems: Page fault occurs if the page is not in memory but the above text says that (a)the page fault occurs at the time of modifying or writing the page? I can’t understand that. (b) Also I can't understand the text “, allowing the operating system to set...
  6. engnrshyckh

    Finding the fault in this circuit (UV lamp controller)

    Guys this circuit and shematic is of UV lamp controller.. It burns sometime as shown in figure can someone tell the reason?
  7. jim mcnamara

    Mars quakes lead to discovery of active fault zone

    https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/12/first-active-fault-system-found-mars2/ One insight on this is seismometers on Mars can provide data driven inferences about Mars deep crust structure with reliably located fault zones. Based on paper presented at AGU FallMeeting 2019 ...
  8. G

    Fluke PM3384A combiscope trace fault

    I’ve just bought this useful looking 100 MHz scope in the hope of repairing it. When I switch to digital mode, the trace disappears off-screen on all four channels. 1 and 3 are up high, 2 and 4 down low. Sometimes the top or bottom of the trace is visible, and it flickers up and down the...
  9. G

    Appliances Daewoo FRS 2021 fridge shutdown fault

    Symptoms: Random shutdown of entire fridge/freezer, blank display. Restarts after a variable interval. Power cycling doesn’t seem to help. Forums etc., suggest ‘replacing motherboard’ (on top) but this is often expensive and may not be available. I managed to catch it in shutdown, and found...
  10. Wrichik Basu

    Finding the fault in the SMPS in our PC

    The SMPS in our PC went out a few months back. I confirmed that the device was not working by shorting the green and anyone black wires on the 24-pin motherboard connector. This was doubly confirmed by the mechanic who came to install a new SMPS. I was checking online for procedures to detect...
  11. M

    Confused by envelope detection and windowing+overlapping

    Summary: Should both envelope detection and windowing+overlapping be used before FFT? Summary: Should both envelope detection and windowing+overlapping be used before FFT? Hi everyone! I'm somewhat a newbie to signal analysis, but I've also noticed that there seem to be many different...
  12. P

    Fault in ungrounded system -> zero sequence voltage

    Hi. After some study, I came across symmetrical components. I found the attached schematic below on the internet, and will use it to explain my question. Question: Imagine that a single-line to Earth fault occur in one of the phases, i.e. resulting in an unbalanced system (we assume it was...
  13. G

    How Can Fault Tree Analysis Estimate Risk in Hydrocarbon Separation Processes?

    Homework Statement FIGURE 2 shows an improved arrangement for separating water from the hydrocarbon liquid for the process in question 2. Two simple level control loops, LC, have been added to regulate flow control valves on a pumped system. Extra protection is also provided in the form of high...
  14. K

    Generator tripping on ground fault during load test

    We have been testing a Cummins VTA-1710-G2 Diesel Generator 1800 RPM 480 Vac 671 kW with an Avtron K580 load bank that is hooked up to our three 480 Vac output cables and one cable to our facility ground. The generator output breaker keeps tripping when the load is around 350 kW. The test...
  15. D

    I have to work out Fault MVA and draw impedance diagrams

    Homework Statement For the system shown in FIGURE 2, using a 10 MVA base, calculate the fault MVA levels through each unit and the base "voltage" MVA across each unit for a fault at F. Draw the impedance diagrams showing the fault levels and the base "voltage" MVA across each unit for: (a) bus...
  16. A

    A fascinating fault with my automatic soap dispenser

    I have a Dettol automatic soap dispenser (see fig. 1) which uses a little propellor-type pump to let out a small amount of soap when you put your hand in front of the passive IR sensor. It's been working fine until just before, when I turned the lights off in the kitchen (night time, so...
  17. berkeman

    Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake in Hawaii versus on the Hayward Fault -- What am I missing?

    How come I saw a video of a magnitude 6.9 earthquake on the island of Hawaii on the evening news just now, and the grocery store products were not even falling off the shelves (and no deaths or injuries), versus the same magnitude earthquake prediction here on top of the Hayward Fault (east of...
  18. E

    Tricky Segmentation Fault in C

    Homework Statement Write a C program to run on ocelot to find the total count of words and optionally the longest and or shortest words in a string input by the user or coming from a file. If there is no filename the user would be prompted to enter the string. You must use getopt to parse the...
  19. sam charlton

    Can a 24V 30A Dimmer Switch Handle the Starting Current of a 500W 24V Motor?

    Hello, I'm currently constructing an electric bicycle using a 500w 24v motor, 2X24v 7ah batteries (maybe 4 later on). I bought a 24v 30a dimmer switch to use as a "throttle". During the intitial test (on a table, not on the bike!) It worked absolutely fine for 2 minutes, but then began to smoke...
  20. J

    Power System Fault Phasor Diagram

    Homework Statement Homework Equations If load is inductive current lags voltage. If load is capacitive voltage lags current The Attempt at a Solution Current lags voltage since wire is inductive. So IF1 lags VF1 and IF2 lags VF2 But book says answer is C Why should VF1 lag IF1? This will...
  21. G

    Hameg HM203-5 scope retrace fault

    This circa 1990 scope has started to display a retrace line when handling a sine wave. It’s only visible on the left 1/4 of the screen. The fault doesn’t appear when the square wave cal is used. Looking at the block diagram, and from initial thoughts, I’m guessing the blanking signal must be...
  22. PainterGuy

    Fault analysis and symmetrical components in Power Grids

    Hi, I was trying to learn fault analysis in three phase system from conceptual point of view. I need your help to clarify few seemingly contradictory points in the following video: 1: At 32: 42, phase to ground fault in introduced. It is said that line voltage Vbc is not affected as is also...
  23. BillTre

    Drilling into an Earthquake Fault

    Some Japanese scientists want to drill from the bottom of S. African mines into faults of recent earthquakes. Science news story here.
  24. Manoj Sahu

    How grounding resistor and reactor have no effect in 3 phase fault?

    How would you justify the above question? Please elaborate in detail with diagrams (if applicable). It will be really helpful. Thank you.
  25. S

    What cities or towns are right above the Ramapo Fault?

    Hi all. I'm planning on moving out of my parents home a few years from now (never too early to plan), and I want to eventually settle in a place that is as safe as possible and future-proof from natural disasters (and climate change) as much as possible. Upstate New York seems like a good place...
  26. G

    Safety Essay on Fault Tree Analysis

    Hi All, would someone (hopefully a professional), who has used Fault Tree Analysis read my essay and give me some pointers for improvement? I'd really appreciate if someone could help, especially since this is the only essay I've written in recent years.
  27. davenn

    The Alpine Fault, upper South Is., New Zealand

    Following on from my last post about stream offsets along active faults. This post is a little more about the Alpine Fault in particular. This is more about a place of interest, rather than about the science of tectonics Just off State Highway 7 ( the Lewis Pass Rd) that connects the east and...
  28. davenn

    Stream channels as a indication of fault movement

    I was zooming around the NE region of the South Island of New Zealand in Google Earth today and discovered a classic example of offset stream channels across a major fault, the Awatere Fault. The Awatere Fault which is one of the major faults that the Alpine fault splinters into in the upper...
  29. J

    Earth fault in delta star (grounded) transformer

    Hi, I am studying transmission lines faults. There was a line that said In case of delta star transformer in transmission line, an Earth fault on star (grounded) side is seen as a line to line fault on delta side. There was no explanation. I tried to google solutions but couldn't find any...
  30. U

    Help with magnetic force from fault current on overhead wire

    I'm trying to resolve an issue I'm experiencing with some overhead power distribution lines, was wondering if anyone can help me out. Here is the scenario: three phase, 4 wire, wye connected 13.4kV power distribution system. 556.5kcmil bare ACRS wire is mounted on a crossarm 24" apart over a...
  31. B

    Thevenin reduction of network for fault analysis trouble.

    Homework Statement Reduction from top network to bottom network in the screen shot. I can not find the steps that have been taken to do this. Fault impedance = Zfa = Zfb = Zfc = j0.5 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution in hand written screenshot, sorry for the mess, just to show it...
  32. E

    Fault analysis -- Simplifying to Thevenin equivalent

    Homework Statement [/B] All voltages and impedances are in per unit values. After all the source transformations, why is the voltage source still 1 ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B]
  33. W

    So just how random can a fault to ground be....demo video

    I used to have a bunch of these on - ahem VHS,,, This was one that I think shows - all bets are off on trying to predict ground fault current... Even the firemen, keeping their distance (not enough IMO), are almost fooled as the arc stops around 1:42.. nope.
  34. Astronuc

    Mag 5.2 earthquake, Southern California, San Jacinto fault

    5.2-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Southern California, Felt in Los Angeles, San Diego https://gma.yahoo.com/5-2-magnitude-earthquake-rattles-southern-california-felt-112449426--abc-news-topstories.html M5.2 - 20km NNW of Borrego Springs, CA...
  35. J

    Calculation for Earth fault relay

    Dear friends,May I know how to calculate the Earth fault relay/ Earth leakage relay? When we going to use them? Thank you.Regards, Jason
  36. H

    Comp Sci Fortran90 SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault

    Hi, I have a project for a class in numerics, where I have to write a program with FORTRAN 90 that calculates the determinant of a matrix using Laplace. The program itself works now, but I have added a function that finds the row/column with most zeroes and reorganizes the matrix, so that they...
  37. Frank Coutinho

    Phase voltages in line-to-neutral fault

    Hello, I'm a very slow learner! I try to understand every piece of the information that is given. And recently I was solving some problems involving symmetrical components and I couldn't figure this one out: -The neutral is solidly grounded. -Phase B and C are open. -You're shorting Phase A...
  38. A

    Star/delta transformer - single phase fault on secondary

    Homework Statement A three-phase distribution transformer is configured as follows: -primary side = star with solidly grounded neutral -secondary side = delta, grounded via zigzag earthing transformer A single phase-earth fault occurs on the secondary (delta) side of the circuit...
  39. A

    Troubleshooting Fault Current Limiter Simulation in Ansoft Maxwell 14

    Hi, I'm trying to simulate a fault current limiter at ansoft maxwell 14 and i have a problem when i put the stranded option on winding, the current that appears is always positive, with the axis above zero. Anyone can answer me what's happening and how can i fix this? Some date: Transient...
  40. S

    Prime Implicants of a Non-Coherent Fault Tree

    I am stuck on some non-coherent fault tree analysis. I have a non-coherent fault tree for which the TOP event breaks down to TOP = AD' + DA' + A'E. These are (I think) some of the prime implicants of the fault tree. There is also another prime implicant ED'. I've been trying to work through it...
  41. L

    11kV Distribution System Fault Analysis using Symmetrical Components

    Hi could someone check my answer to the question below. Question: My Answer: I_{fA} = 3I_{1A} = 3I_{2A} = 3I_{0A} \Rightarrow I_{fA} = \frac{3E}{Z_1 + Z_2 + Z_0} = \frac{33kV}{20+20+30} = 471.43A Then using the same method I got I_{fB} = 942.86A
  42. A

    Resolving an Allen Breadly PLC Fault: Help Needed!

    Hi, everybody today I have got a problem in my Allen Breadly PLC which is after getting emergency HMI shows emergency button pressed and after pull the emergency it can't reset and it was noticed that Plc fault indicator shows blinking. I have checked all corresponding issue & make all things...
  43. A

    Calculating Per Unit Fault Impedance: Finding Errors in Given Relationships

    Homework Statement Given the relationships: Xpu = MVAbase / MVAfault Xpu = ( MVAbase / MVArated ) * ( X% / 100 ) MVAfault = sqrt(3) * V * Ifault Xohms = [ V / sqrt(3) ] * Ifault Homework Equations Show that: Xpu = [ MVAbase / V^2 ] * Xohms The Attempt at a Solution No matter how I...
  44. J

    C/C++ [C++] Why is this turning into 0? And why a segmentation fault on

    the other interpreter I'm using? I'm practicing my coding chops for an upcoming interview (I don't really have to use any hardcore programming chops I work as a web dev) and have been writing small C++ programs on online compilers/interpreters because I hate having to make entire new projects...
  45. S

    Detecting a ground fault on the secondary of a transformer

    I work on a ship, and we have a 440V ungrounded distribution system. We have load centers that have transformers bumping that 440V down to 120V for recepticles and other services. This standard ship setup always has ground fault detection on the 440V side (at the switchboards) and at each...
  46. J

    What is the theory behind DC arc fault detection for PV systems?

    Hello, I am wondering where a good article may be discussing the theory behind DC arc fault detection for PV systems. Seems most articles are based on detection for AC circuits. Trying to have a better understanding for troubleshooting purposes.
  47. P

    Finding Reactance from System Fault Level

    Hi, apologies if this is very simple but I am still learning the basics of power system analysis and would like it if someone would be able to clarify what I have been told regarding system fault levels and subsequent system reactance values (X) from this. Basically, I have been told that...
  48. I

    Finding fault in proof [contains logical quantifiers]

    Homework Statement Consider the following incorrect theorem: ∃x∈ℝ ∀y∈ℝ (xy^2 = y-x) [Translation (not part of the original problem statement): There is at least an x∈ℝ such that, for every y∈ℝ, (xy^2 = y-x).] What's wrong with the following proof? Let x = y(y^2+1), then...
  49. M

    MHB Solve Segmentation Fault: Destroy Planetary System "Solid

    Hey! :o I have to write a function for the destruction of the planetary system "solid". With the destruction of the planetary system, the asteroids where the gap between this one and the object, is at least "gap" will also be destructed. (so, they have to be deleted) The asteroids for which...
  50. K

    Fault current time 1, 3 or 5 sec

    Any idea how can we decide on the fault current time 1, 3 or 5 sec. for grounding cable sizing? Also, what is the related temperature to the selected timing?