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Homework Help: What do the variables in the equation mean?

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    I uploaded a picture of the definition for a limit of a series. I am wondering if anyone knows what the meaning for variables M and N are. Thanks for reading.

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    It is just mathematical language and expression habits to get used to. N could otherwise be called (and often is) 'some integer' and M 'some number' which when that sequence → ∞ exist and have that property.

    In words that phrase means 'that the sequence an tend to infinity means any number you can think of no matter how large will be less than all of the an when n gets bigger than some integer.

    You may ask why don't they say that? Well the way they say it gives you a lead into what to actually do when you are given an example of a sequence and asked to show whether it dos or does not → ∞ .
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    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. Your answer is very helpful. Thanks!
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