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    A man cashes a cheque for d pounds and c pence at a bank. Assume that the teller by mistake gives the man c pounds and d pence. Assume that the man does not notice the errors until he has spent 23 pence. Assume further that he then notices that he has 2d pounds and 2c pence. Assume still further that he asks you what amount the check was for. Assuming that you can accept all the assumptions, what is the answer?
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    matt grime

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    I think you should do these questions yourself, they aren't very hard, and don't really count as number theory; put it in general math if you want more people to see it. Or possibly the homework section cos that's what it looks like. They are mildly diverting, I suppose.
    And let's wait for the flames....
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    hope i dont cause any flames, but here are the equations to solve the problem:

    then you have a system of two variables which is easy to solve.
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