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What does band gap bowing means?

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    what does "band gap bowing" means?

    Hi, i speak spanish, and i've tried to translate the term "band gap bowing", but literally it does'nt have any sense. So, can anyone explain this term to me so i can translate it correctly?? Thanks a lot.
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    The "band gap" is the energy gap between the valence band and conduction bads. "Bowing" is a synonym for "bending."

    So "band gap bowing" refers to a bending of the band gap.

    - Warren
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    The equivalent term in Spanish is "curvatura de la banda prohibida".
    More generally, "band bowing" corresponds to "curvatura de bandas".
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    generally in relation to alloy formation band gap bowing refers to the deviation away from a linear combination of the two end materials.

    e.g. material A has a band gap of X, material B has a band gap of Y.

    the band gap of the AB alloy = 1/2(X)+1/2(Y)-1/4B, where B is the band gap bowing coefficient.

    i hope that helps.
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