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B What exists between Strings in String Theory?

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    I am new to this.
    As I understand it, the difference between the quantum field theory and string theory is that in the former, physical field is considered as the fundamental reality, while in the latter it is believed that everything comes out of strings. My question is, by everything do we mean matter and energy? What about space? What exists between two strings, for instance? Field?
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    In perturbative string theory, between strings is a flat 10-dimensional spacetime. But perturbative string theory is not a full story. A full answer requires non-perturbative string theory. Unfortunately, nobody knows what non-perturbative string theory really is.
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    Thank you!
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    String theory has nothing to do with reality. We don't have classical approximation of String theory (QFT). There are many others problems with string theory. Most advanced theory which is describe the Universe is quantum field theory, where we consider all matter as a fields.
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    There are hints from cutting-edge research in black holes (using AdS/CFT and quantum information) that you might have to give up on the notion of a spacetime continuum (and also unitarity) close to the Planck scale and/or for strong gravity.
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    String theory is a quantum field theory.
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